Our authenticity verification process involves meticulous testing of each product before it enters our store. This procedure requires a comprehensive knowledge of luxury brands and a deep understanding of their production techniques, as well as a very detailed and attentive approach.

Product documentation

The first element is reliable and accurate documentation of the specific luxury brand, style and model of the authenticated item. This includes the history of the brand, distinctive design elements and unique features specific to the original products. This documentation is crucial for identifying any irregularities or inconsistencies during the authentication process.

Material and craftsmanship control

Luxury brands are extremely proud of their craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials. During verification, our team thoroughly checks seams, hardware and materials such as leather, fabric or metals. We pay attention to aspects such as precise sewing, construction and details. Luxury brands often feature specific craftsmanship features, such as engraving signatures, logos, or finishes on metal components.

Branding and logo verification

At this stage, we check the accuracy and consistency of brand logos, subtitle fonts and their arrangement. Counterfeit products usually have defects or inconsistencies in the logo, such as the wrong font, misspelling or misplacement of the logo. Comparisons with official brand references through our documentation ensure authentication accuracy.

Evaluation of serial numbers and date codes

Many luxury brands use serial numbers, date codes or holograms as internal means of tracking and authentication. Our team knows specific brand coding systems, their formats and placement. Counterfeit products often have poorly engraved or fake codes that can be identified by comparing them to official branded products.

Evaluation of packaging and documentation:

Authentic luxury products are usually accompanied by high-quality packaging, including dust bags, boxes, authenticity cards or maintenance booklets. During authentication, our team checks these elements for brand specific details such as logo placement, print quality and material consistency. Inferior packaging materials or poorly reproduced brand logos may indicate a counterfeit product.

Trusted partners

The last element to be mentioned is the source of the products. We import our products from France and Italy only from trusted suppliers with whom we work closely. In addition, most of the products offered on Gibbarosa have full documentation.

If you have additional questions for us regarding the authentication process, please email us at

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